A Different View

The average American, doesn’t have a clue to what it takes to feed a family. They think that miles of planted row crops and crowded animal feedlots, are required to feed the average (group of) people. They also think, that without the presence of large scale industrial farms, GMO’s and chemicals, we would starve to death. Yet! nothing could be further from the truth.

A well designed “organic” farm would feed a family of 3-4 people, on a 2 acre plot of land.

The U.S. Census Bureau defined a basic household, as “2.6 people”, but for our following computations, we will use a liberal number of “3.0 people” as equaling  a household, to show the ease at which ADAs can do for themselves.

On average there is 43 million ADAs in the U.S.

Now, 43 million divided by 3.0 = 14.3 million ADA households in the U.S.

However we would only envision, in the average case scenario, 1 out of ten of our people, “initially” participating in a “Nation Formation Effort”.

10% of 14.3 million households is, 1 million 3 hundred thousand households (1,300,000)

According to “Mississippi Agricultural Land Values and Cash Rents Report: 2017”

At $2000,00 per acre; Mississippi’s 30 million acres is valued at or about a total, of ($60,000,000,000.00) “Sixty billion dollars”.

 $60,000,000,000. divided by1,300,000 = $46,153.00 per(family) household 

Considering a twenty year (20yr) pay-out with 0/interest.

$46,153.00 divided by 240 months = $192.30 per family per month

Under this scenario, 10% of AdAs, (African Descendant Americans) would own the whole state of Mississippi, or an equivalent state, in 20 years (or less, with the help of some of our more “cash endowed” family members).

Now, that would put us (ADAs) in a more “realistic” position, to advance talk of sovereignty and reparations; and do it from the position of “standing”, both legal and actual, on our own land; and our future “Nation’s Homeland”. Which “said Nation”, would be 93rd  in size, out of 192 nations in the world and 6 times the size of Israel.