About Us

There are only two internationally recognized displaced groups, that are not linked explicitly to land, to which they have a claim: e.g. the Romani people of Europe (Gypsies) and Black Americans (African Descendants) in the United States. History reveals that an important goal for displaced groups, is to identity a homeland and to establish a nation state…..Dr Brooks Robinson (Point Zero Nation Formation) from “Chosen, Black America’s Calling”  

We are a growing group of African Descendant Americans (ADAs), who believe that ADAs can never enjoy full and complete freedom inside this nation called the United States; So with that in mind, this website has been designed with the intent, to educate and inspire African Descendant Americans, to join together in the movement for “self-determination”; which can only be realized thru Nationhood, Statehood and an accompanying policy of, Reparations.

Our Mission

To educate and encourage, the participation in the cause of freedom, the ever expanding, consciously aware, group of young ADAs; and we embark upon this task for the following reasons;

University of Missouri – Columbia on November 9, 2015  Students celebrate the resignation of University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe amid allegations of racism.
  • because we believe, that history has shown, that we can never develop and enjoy to the fullest, in this United States of America, the inalienable, god given rights, bestowed upon all men and women; which is “liberty”. The freedom from oppression and harm, for themselves and their progeny and the freedom to be self-determining; and
  • because we believe that our very presence in this nation, is a testimony in its-self, to the inherent proclivity of a “racist” segment of humanity, to forcefully exploit, oppress and then deprive ADAs, of that liberty; and
  • because we believe that after 153 years, there has existed sufficient proof, that the promise to restore the liberty, that was ripped away, from the African Descendant American, along with the rights of full citizenship and equal treatment, in this United States of America, has and will continue to ring, empty and hollow, and also
  • Because we believe that generation after generation, of ADAs fighting the same battles, over the same terrain, thought to have been won and secured before, is a waste of the talent and energies of our youth; And that those energies and talents, can be put to better use, in a different struggle.

We therefore have reached the conclusion, and now firmly believe, that the liberty and freedom sought after by ADAs,  can only be realized , if they embark on a plan of separation, from European Descendant Americans (EDAs). This separation should be in the form of a settlement onto land of our own. Preferably this land would be that, which our forefathers bled, sweated and died on, in order to make the land profitable for the United States of America. It should be on this land, that we form “OUR OWN NEW NATION”.