ADAN’s High Probability Of Success

In Message To The Blackman, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad stressed in the chapter ‘A House Of Our Own’, that we can never be successful in another man’s house. He reasons that the house of another, is built for the benefit of that other and not for ourselves. He stresses that the politics of that house, are for the owners of that house and were never meant to serve, or be beneficial to ourselves. However when we build our own house, it will be to the specifications set out by ourselves, for the benefit of ourselves, and in such a house, certain problems and adversities that exist for us, in this mans house, will not exist in our own house.

“There are probably many independent people, who do not have among them many, who have the ‘know how’ of the American educated class of so-called Negroes. We have enough technicians, such as mathematicians, construction engineers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, physicists, chemists, educators, agriculturists, navigators and aeronauts, among the 22 million or more of us. You will find scholars or scientists whom we can use in every branch of government; then there are our own independent people outside of this country who would be glad to help us get going”-Message To The Blackman, 1965

Many African Descendant American raise, baseless, self-defeating, white-supremacy-supporting arguments, against the idea of separation. They still possess the distrust of their own people, instilled in them by their slave-masters. What the Slave-master use to do personally, when he had the slave on the plantation to ratchet-up this mania, he now accomplish through the use of his media. This allows the frightened and distrustful ADAs; In support of their position, to point to the latest negative incidents in our community involving blacks and say see!

Yet  On page 3 of Pay To Let Us Go, Dr. Brooks Robinson states that, there are strong arguments that support the idea, that individuals behave differently, in a different environment. “If Afro-descendants were permitted to establish our own new nation, then we would behave differently”  Dr Robinson goes on to say that, “we might develop pride in the ability to control our own destiny and adjust our thinking concerning what is important”.

Proof of this may even be found in personal recounts like that of  Zora N. Hurston; ” Hurston recounted how she went back home to her home town in Florida, because she could think of no better place, to gather folklore for her book “Of Mules and Men”…..

First place I aimed to stop to collect material was Eatonville, Florida,” Hurston wrote in the introduction. “And now, I’m going to tell you why I decided to go to my native village first. I didn’t go back there so that the home folks could make admiration over me because I had been up North to college and come back with a diploma and a Chevrolet. I knew they were not going to pay either one of these items too much mind. I was just Lucy Hurston’s daughter, Zora.”

I hurried back to Eatonville because I knew that the town was full of material and that I could get it without hurt, harm or danger. As early as I could remember, it was the habit of the men folks particularly, to gather on the store porch of evenings and swap stories. ”

So, Hurston wrote, she sped “down the straight stretch into Eatonville, the city of five lakes, three croquet courts, three hundred brown skins, three hundred good swimmers, plenty guavas, two schools and no jail house.”

Dr. Robinson also points out in “Pay To Let Us Go”, how it could be financially beneficial to white America, to shed the   liability of caring for “Black America” and instead provide a 20+ year reparation payment. Israel, founded in 1948, still receives some sort of reparatory assistance after 69-70 years.

As to our ability (African Descendant Americans) to operate an independent Nation; There is no question that we possess all of the qualifications, essential to the running of a “new nation”. We have more talent than America, or Israel had at their inceptions.