Caring For Ourselves

Our tobacco they plant, and our cotton they pick, and our rice they can harvest and thrash; They feed us in health, and they nurse us when sick, and they earn-while we pocket our cash. They lead us when young and they help us when old, and their toil loads our tables and shelves; But they’re “niggers”; and therefore (the truth must be told) They cannot take care of themselves. . .The Freedmen’s Book, Lydia Mary Francis Child

The “thing”, that prevents us from taking care of ourselves; is the “thought” implanted in our minds over the generations of enslavement, that we cannot trust ourselves to do it; and we are better off not trying. This “implanted” thought, has been reinforced over the generations, by actions of  “The White Establishment”, to physically and psychologically destroy every attempt of the African Descendant American, to take charge of our own lives and care for ourselves. This strategy of  “The White Establishment”, was and is, part of a larger strategy to encourage ADAs, to believe that it is futile, to seek “self-determination”.

Over the many years, a long list of ADA Teachers and Leaders have hammered home the fact, that this idea of a need for “constant dependency”, is not only a crippling fallacy, it is so un-natural, that it borders on the insane.

Dr. Amos Wilson says that”Under White Supremacy the subordinated Afrikan self, comes into being principally to preserve a sense of security, to protect against anxiety….The Falsification of African Consciousness. pg.130

in addition Dr. Wilson says that ….”close observation will reveal that subordinate Afrikans are conditioned by their white oppressors, to demonstrate a lack of feeling for and an interest in, acquiring, learning, or doing those very things, which if acquired, learned  or done, would lead to the revolutionary overthrow, of White Supremacy… pg 131

But what we see in the African Descendant American community is a perfect example of “Cognitive Dissonance.”

In our case; it is the conflict between what we have been conditioned to accept as fact, juxtapose against reality. The reality is, when you look around, you see African Descendant Americans doing exactly, what in the ADA’s mind, African Descendant people cannot do. 

An example is; all the things necessary to support ourselves collectively, we are presently doing individually. Planting and harvesting crops, on individual pieces of land in both the south and the north, raising cattle and other livestock, feeding them, milking them, selecting them out and sending them to market;


hatching and raising chickens, building barns, homes, roadways and commercial buildings.