What You Can Do

None of us can afford to sit idle’ly by and do nothing, everyone can and should, make a contribution. That contribution may be large, like helping us to organize a convention, where this Idea and other ideas can be discussed and decided upon. EXAMPLE…We need a vision, what should it be? We need a clarion call, what should it be? etc. We can come out of the mini convention united, in at least a preliminary goal. 

That contribution can be as effortless as picking up the phone and talking or texting to your friends and family, that they should get on board this or some other effort, designed to permanently alter the negative situation, we face in America. Marching is not going to do it, praying is not going to do it, voting alone, is not going to do it. It is going to require constructive, fearless action, on the part of “African Descendant Grass Roots People” to make a future for our children. No one will do it but us and if we don’t our children are lost.

  1. Please help in the planning/implementation of the ADAN convention; by taking 3 minutes to complete the form.
  2. Please help us to publicize ADAN and consider recruiting others, through your own social network.
  3. If you’re unable to commit to the aforementioned, please donate to “A plan For A Just Resolution”